African Mask

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  • Date: Summer 2014
  • Location: Marshall, CA
  • Method: Steve, my RV partner in Southern California, sets up the tests. The protocols are: He will pre-select a number of possible objects (‘targets’) and write on a piece of paper a set of directions by which he will select the target object. He sends by SMS message instructions – eg. “Today is Monday. On Friday morning, at 9:00 am, I will follow the instructions to select one of the objects, then place that object on my kitchen table, in a large wooden bowl. Identify the object and submit your results by Thursday, at 11:59 pm”. Effectively, I’m being instructed not only to RV an object hundreds of miles away, but to do so *before* it’s even been selected from a pool of possible objects.
  • What I submitted: “I got a face of a person. It was MLK Jr., but then it morphed into another (unidentifiable) black face. The object was a face (Black or African American); it was 3-dimensional, and I was looking down at it, from above.”
  • Additional information: A few nights earlier, I had stumbled upon an interesting experience: I had been smoking a bowl and drinking a cup of mugwort tea, and the combination began producing all kinds of visual images in my mind’s eye. It was so unusual that I decided to try that combination with RV. I tried twice with this target, the first time without smoking or drinking mugwort. My results – nothing. Then I smoked and drank, waited 20 minutes, and tried to view the target again. This time, after only about 10 seconds, the images emerged very clearly in my mind, as described above.
  • Actual Target Image:
African mask (circa 1900)

African mask (circa 1900)


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