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  • Date: Summer 2014
  • Location: Marshall, CA
  • Method: Steve, my RV partner in Southern California, sets up the tests. The protocols are: He will pre-select a number of possible objects (‘targets’) and write on a piece of paper a set of directions by which he will select the target object. He sends by SMS message instructions – eg. “Today is Monday. On Friday morning, at 9:00 am, I will follow the instructions to select one of the objects, then place that object on my kitchen table, in a large wooden bowl. Identify the object and submit your results by Thursday, at 11:59 pm”. Effectively, I’m being instructed not only to RV an object hundreds of miles away, but to do so *before* it’s even been selected from a pool of possible objects.
  • What I submitted: “Domino. Lego or die. Square with dots.”
  • Additional information: This is interesting because I would not have necessarily recognized a telegraph machine. But the shapes came through regardless, in images that I would recognize.
  • Actual Target Image:

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