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In 2010, I was having a doozy of a midlife crisis, and decided to walk away from my business and career, setting out upon an international backpacking walkabout with one overarching goal: Total reset. But little did I realize – seriously, how could I even suspect – what was to come?!

In my past life (so to speak), I used to work in organic food / sustainable agriculture / environmental movements. Some of you might know me from Straus Family Creamery, our family’s pioneering organic dairy which I helped launch. After that, I started Straus Communications, one of the very first public relations agencies to specialize in the organic and sustainable arena. In addition to working with pioneers in sustainability (including Bon Appetit Management Company, The Rodale Institute and Organic Bouquet), our Beyond Organic radio show reached national and international audiences, often breaking stories which later would get picked up by mainstream publications. Perhaps the most fun of all these communications endeavors was our Sustainable News Center, which worked closely with major media outlets (CNN, New York Times, TIME magazine, USA Today, CBS Evening News, etc.) to garner feature coverage about the pitfalls of GMOs and Industrial Agriculture, while simultaneously highlighting the remarkable works of pioneering environmental heroes.

My travels were … epic. From trekking in Mongolia and Nepal, to studying Kung Fu in China and Reiki in India. But it wasn’t until I was researching Balinese mystical healers that things really began to get interesting. I began getting psychic visions – seeing specific images in my mind’s eye that I’d then be able to confirm as accurate.

Nobody was more surprised (or skeptical!) than me. Intrigued, I started digging deeper, researching and experimenting, and lo! the experiences have been getting more frequent and accurate.

Here, in these pages, I’ll be going into a lot more detail … stick around, join the ride and let’s see whether I am truly (in the words of one old friend) “batshit crazy” or, alternatively, onto something really big.

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