Black Car ‘flash’

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On Sept 21, I had another strange image ‘flash’ in my mind’s eye – and then, this morning, it happened in real life just as I had seen it. I am trying to track these experiences with as much (and increasing amounts of) detail as possible.

Here are two images:

  1. The mock up of the my Sept 21 ‘flash’ (created on Sept 25th), and
  2. The photo from this morning (Sept 28th)









More details here:

And … I’m beginning to notice some interesting patterns. For example, there are some consistent, repeating qualities about these ‘flashes’ – I’ve noticed and tracked four separate instances this year (three in April / May, and one in September):

  1. They occur in moments of mental quiet
  2. The images lasts for 1-2 seconds
  3. They appear as photographs or video – real-life quality images
  4. They are not memories
  5. They predict something that I will personally experience
  6. The angle / perspective which I see in the ‘flash’ is the same angle / perspective which I will experience of the event in real life
  7. The experiences are unique, and depict events that are extremely unusual and in any way predictable.
  8. The real life events take place, so far, 1-3 weeks after the ‘flash’
  9. Not all of the details are 100% correct – for example, I can’t say that this car is exactly the car that I had seen. However, there are enough elements that are correct that I feel confident that there is a specific, direct correlation.

// Michael

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