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  • Date: July 15, 2014
  • Location: Marshall, CA
  • Method: Using the “Target Monkey” online database, which randomly selects one of hundreds of images as the next target. We only see however, a random file number associated with that image (e.g. 2345-4355.pdf). I focus on that number, write down my impressions, then click a link, when then sends, via email, a hyperlink to the actual image.
  • What I submitted: What I saw what the Cinderella castle from the opening credits of a Disney movie emerge from a fog. I was impatient and didn’t event attempt to write down any details, like turrets or stone wall, etc. I spent about 10 seconds on this target, and I simply wrote down: “castle”. Unlike with many other targets, with this one I had absolutely no doubt.
  • Additional information: When I clicked on the link, I just sat there, stunned. This result came the day after the African Mask target. I had just gotten two dead-on ‘hits’ back-to-back! What was interesting was that the image was representational / metaphorical. It wasn’t an actual photograph (unlike Busch stadium example). This isn’t the castle that I saw but, nonetheless, I saw a castle. I started to understand something which, months later I read about in RV training manuals from Stanford / SRI — if the target is known / familiar, you’re more likely to see the actual image. If not, then somehow the information is filtered in ways that’ll be relevant to you personally. The Disney castle was certainly something I’d immediately recognize.

Thousand-year-old Roman castle, in the UK.

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