Coast Guard Roadblock

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  • When: May 6, 2015, around Midnight, PST
  • Related details: 5 hours/40 min (Local Sidereal time), 3 days after full moon
  • Location: Marshall, CA
  • Situation: Lying down to sleep, listening to Monroe Institute HemiSync “Lucid Dreaming #1” audio, sipping mugwort tea, and about an hour after smoking a bit (already sobered up), and suddenly, an image flashed in my mind’s eye.
  • What I wrote down:  “Heading east on the Tomales / Petaluma road, coming up on the Coast Guard Training Station. I’m behind an army jeep, getting closer as if I’m about to pass, and the driver is waving me back, indicating ‘back off, don’t pass.'”
  • Additional information: Five days earlier, while taking a nap around 4pm, I had another ‘flash’ of an area of the same road, about 1 mile west, between the Silva ranch and the Chileno Valley Road turnoff. No other information.
  • What followed: Every time I passed that area for almost two weeks, I wondered if something would happen, but nothing did so I gave up. Then, on Monday, May 18th, around 6pm, as I was driving on the Tomales / Petaluma road, to go to the gym (after a long day sitting in front of the computer and really needing to move my body), up ahead, directly in front of the Coast Guard station, there was a Coast Guard military police blocking the road ahead. The car ahead of me did a U-Turn but as I approached, it looked like the officer was removing the pylons, and so I was moving forward as if to continue through. He stopped, in the middle of the road, looked at me, and waved his arms, signaling that I couldn’t pass and that I’d need to turn around. I took this photo moments later. I don’t know if his vehicle is a late model Jeep or a Chevy.





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