Farm – Black car in process of parking

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  • When: Monday, September 21, 2015, 11 pm
  • Related details: 1/2 moon, Local Sidereal Time: 22:50
  • Location: Marshall, CA
  • Situation: I haven’t had a ‘flash’ like this in about 5 months, which doesn’t surprise me, as I had been keeping myself distracted. One evening, as I was lying down and clearing my head – awake but eyes closed for about 5 minutes – I suddenly saw a realistic scene, like a short video, in my mind’s eye. It was very quick – maybe 1-2 seconds, but so unusual and clear that I immediately wrote down the details. There seems to be some consistent qualities to these experiences, especially when they’re video or photographic image quality, like this time: they’re not a memory, very quickly appear and disappear, and I experience them in real life nearly exactly the way I see them in my ‘flash’.
  • What I wrote down: “It was a black car pulling up the driveway passed my office towards the metal gate. It was the same shape and size as a DHL delivery car, I was kind of a two door/square back.”
  • Additional information: I mocked up a photo to depict what I had seen, including the angle / perspective, which I dated and emailed to my sister on September 25th.
  • What followed: On Monday, September 28, at about 9am, as I walked out of the farm office door, a car was pulling in to park. The unusual part is that nobody ever parks in this particular area (there’s plenty of more convenient guest parking elsewhere in our farm compound). Although his car was moving at the moment I first saw it, by the time it occurred to me what I was seeing, he had already parked. I snapped a photo with my iPhone.
  • The Mock-up of my Flash: 

And the photo I took this morning:


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