Highway #1, Part #1 – Sheriff Car (April 2015)

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  • When: Sunday, April 19, 2015
  • Related details: 5:59 am, Lunar phase: right between new and 1st quarter
  • Location: Marshall, CA
  • Situation: I woke up briefly, remembered that I had had this ‘flash’ as I had been falling asleep, and jotted it down. 
  • What I wrote down: “As falling asleep, eyes closed video quality movie plays in minds eye, in which I see sheriff car pull into street [onto the frontage beach road directly in front of / across the street from Straus Home Ranch]. There are many cars parked along road. Can’t remember if CHP or sheriff, but newer model [vehicle].”
  • Additional information: Over a period of about 1 week, I had 3 separate ‘flashes’ about police. This was the 2rd of the series. Additional information that I didn’t write down at the time, but remember clearly (long before what transpired below): Police car quickly pulling off Highway 1  as if responding to an emergency. Vehicle was definitely one of the newer SUV/4x type.In the vision, I saw the police pull in from the south. Cop cars out here are extremely rare, so I assumed that the visions were merely metaphorical. 
  • What followed: On Saturday, April 25, I saw few kayakers in trouble directly in front of the farm. There was an rescue helicopter zooming overhead, and I rushed out to help. They were okay, but then, a few minutes later, as I’m standing out on Highway 1 talking with a neighbor, a sheriff suddenly pulls over into the frontage road. I’m looking at this, kinda bewildered. So I snap a couple of photos with my iPhone and, a few minutes later as I looking at them, I realize that, although the angle of the vehicle is turned about 45 degrees from how I saw it in my vision, the sheriff pulled in from the North, not from the South, and there were no other cars parked there.


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