Highway #1, Part #2: Milk Truck Crash (April 2015)

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  • When: April 22, 2015
  • Related details: 1:30 am, Lunar phase: right between new and 1st quarter
  • Location: Marshall, CA
  • Situation: I woke up, after going to sleep listening to a HemiSync Lucid Dreaming audio and experimenting with a new visualization technique.Suddenly, I got series of vivid images.
  • What I recorded:  “Police scene, a bunch of cars parked on the left side of road. I think [the accident] … I don’t notice it on the road, but I can’t tell if I think of it as being off the road. So many cars parked at the top. Part of me thinks [the car in the accident] went down the hill. There’s a cop car at the top, Marin County Sheriff. Location feels like a combination of being at the top of the hill near the Park’s, or near the road construction site, in the trees.”
  • Additional information: Over a period of about 1 week, I had 3 separate ‘flashes’ about police. This was the 3rd of the series. Here, I wasn’t clear on the exact location or orientation. I thought it might be heading north, on the windy part of the road near the top of the Park’s hill, or it might have been about a mile south, where currently there’s road construction.
  • What followed: On Monday, April 27, my sister emailed me an article, with the following photograph and article detailing the crash of a Straus Family Creamery milk truck. This is exactly what I had seen, although the location was off by about 1/2 mile). Also, the view here is to the south. What’s especially interesting to me is that I didn’t see the accident itself, but the photograph of the accident, exactly as I saw it (on my computer).

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