Hot Air Balloon

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Here’s another interesting Remote Viewing example (from earlier this week).

Basically, 10 people on an online meeting, were directed to describe a specific image. None of us (including the organizer) knew anything about this image, which he had randomly selected from a large stack of envelopes – the contents of which had been compiled months before by someone not involved in the current exercise. That is, we were all ‘blind’ to the target image.

When I closed my eyes and tried to ‘see’ the ‘target’, an image started forming in my mind’s eye. More accurately, as soon as I tried to ‘see’ it, it was suddenly just there. But I didn’t see it clearly … it was more vague … an impression. I remember thinking that it felt / looked like a large sail, filled with wind. Somehow, I tell immediately tell that it was made with fabric. It was taut, filled with air. I felt very close to it … in my mind’s eye, it filled much of my vision. Then, i noticed that there was ribbing / pleats. The colors blue and white were obvious, but I couldn’t tell it was water or sky. I really wanted to identify, specifically, what I was seeing. I started thinking about all the various types of things it might be … sail, parachute, etc … and at one point, I tried to force an answer — and called it paragliding.  While I didn’t know what the object was, I knew some of its characteristics. 

Later that day, the organizer opened the envelope and we received the answer — the hot air balloon pictured above.

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