Indoor Car Park

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  • Date: June 22, 2015
  • Location: Marshall, CA
  • Method: Using a target from
  • What I wrote down: “Blue round hole, surrounded by curved white” – then I added “cold, ice”
  • Additional information:  This is a good example of “Analytic Overlay” (AOL) – the basic idea is that, if we’re not careful, we’ll jump to a conclusion about the ‘target’, then start describing those characteristics (like, if I saw something pointy and I rushed to conclusion that the target is a pencil, then I might start ‘seeing’ yellow, or describe a piece of wood. In this case, “Blue round hole, surrounded by curved white” felt correct, and if I had drawn my results, I would have shown the blue hole off-set from center, sitting around “7” o’clock, with the white spread out from about 9-4 o’clock. The target didn’t register as anything i immediately recognized, and suddenly it reminded me of an image of a circular frozen whirlpool that I had posted to my website a couple of years ago. I saw the whirlpool, and assumed (actually, more accurately, hoped) that the frozen whirlpool was the actual target, not just a metaphor. So, I started adding descriptive details related to the frozen whirlpool photo, thinking “the white must be ice, so it must be ice and cold and Arctic like.”  I convinced myself in a matter of seconds, totally unconscious that I had jumped the gun, and finished off by describing the details or impressions or features which were assumptions used to fill in the cracks, to complete a projection.
  • The actual images were of a car park building in Germany. Looking at the photos, the middle photo below (colors, shape) is what I saw, though turned 145 degrees to the left, more or less.
  • Actual Target Image:
  • Image of frozen whirlpool:
  • ice-circle-river (1)

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