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Money & Power –

Some recap, plus additional info, trying to summarize more succinctly (with every fact from a reputable media source, easily located online with an hour or two research):

** Exxon: $500 billion deal with Russia, which was blocked by Clinton when Russia invaded Ukraine – will get green-lighted. Tillerson, our next Secretary of State, is friends with Putin and created the deal in the first place.

** Putin, former spymaster, has amassed $200 billion himself since coming to power. Putin owns this job as President to billionaire Roman Abramovich, one of many powerful ‘Olibgarchs’ who owe their fortunes to pillaging the crumbling Soviet Union.

** Abramovich’s wife is Dasha Zhukova, who is one of Ivanka’s friends (photos on Google). So, Trump has had a direct communications conduit directly to the Kremlin, and it was hidden in plain sight.

** Financial Ties: Trump himself, as reported by TIME, has deep financial ties in Russia (as do three of his top advisors / appointments). Back in 2008, Donald Trump Jr. boasted about hundreds of millions coming from Russians (when Trumps bankruptcies caused him to turn to Russian financiers).

** A former U.S. spy testified that he uncovered evidence of Putin had cultivated Trump as an asset as early as 2011, using blackmail evidence collected on Trumps visits to Russia.

** Trump Organization and Alfa Bank (with a dirty history and a very deep connection with Putin) had an unusual pattern of electronic communication which, even though they couldn’t find the ‘smoking gun’, there was enough to see that clearly something was certainly amiss.

** Paul Manafort, Trump campaign manager—who helps people around the world become dictators … that’s literally what he does for a living — worked for the Ukraine’s pro-Putin president Yanukovych amongst others. Everywhere Manafort goes, it’s dirty. Look him up.

** Pro-Putin Trump advisors with deep financial ties in Russia include: Carter Page, and General Michael Flynn, our future National Security Advisor, is not merely pro-Putin but, like Trump, admires Putin.

** Putin is not a ‘President’ – he’s a dictator. Look him up.

** Trump’s circle of financiers includes a least one mobster-turned FBI informant.

** Assange – who is a white nationalist – hates Clinton (whether you agree with him is entirely separate).

** Russia hacked the info, Wikileaks distributed it, and they coordinated the release timing with the Trump campaign, to distract media from pussy grabbing video

** Assange has a direct relationship with Putin, as well as a direct relationship with Russian-backed Assad in Syria.

** Russia, Iran, Syria, Iraq and the Islamic militant group Hezbollah, cooperate in anti-ISIL efforts. Russia supplies Iran with weapons and is a close economic partner. Put that into the context of Trump’s anti Iranian Nuclear deal comments.

** FBI James Comey – Evidence points to clear pattern of investigation obfuscation, foot dragging and direct interference in the campaign.

** Senator Mitch McConnell – Obama’s attempts to create a bi-partisan investigation back in September / October were stopped by McConnell. Now that election is over, McConnell is amenable to an investigation, though it’ll be conducted by the Intelligence committee, rather than via a separate, independent Select Committee (as per Sen. McCain’s recommendation).

** Elaine Chao, McConnell’s wife, was just nominated to be a member of Trump’s cabinet. Her father owns an international shipping company whose finances are shrouded. In 2014, their Ping May ship was raided, discovering 100 pounds of cocaine, with a street value (2014) of around $2 million. Chao inherited between $5-$25 million

** On the domestic front, Trump has aligned with Steve Bannon and the alt-right white nationalists. Idealogically, Bannon believes that there’s great econonic and political meltdown coming, and he has been preparing. Google “Steve Bannon TIME Generation Zero”

** So, white nationalist inner circle includes, so are there’s Bannon and Assange.

** After Corey Lewindowsky was fired for man-handling reporter, Michelle Field, he immediately got a job as commentator for CNN, despite continuing to receive payments from Trump and being constrained by a ‘non-disparagement’ contract – in other words, Lewindowsky could literally say nothing bad about Trump. Question: Does it really seem like a coincidence that there’s a Breitbart connection here?

Meanwhile, they attempt to distract us by feeding us an ongoing stream of tweet, ridiculous Cabinet appointees (as many have noted, people who have sought to dismantle their Departments are now going to be in charge of them). We’ll be so busy fighting their domestic policies that we won’t have time to look at international.

It’s a complex, puzzle, shrouded in obfuscation, misdirection, denials and a steady stream of lies. But we’re putting together the pieces, from reputable, publicly accessible media, and we’ll keep digging, mapping out their stratagems.

Trump’s IRS tax returns are the key, the smoking gun. They must be subpoenaed by the bi-partisan investigation. That’s the pressure point. McConnell will attempt to block or delay. Demand that they be subpoenaed, reviewed and any evidence made public as soon as available and before Inauguration Day. That, I believe, is our best hope for the truth to be known.

Speak Truth to Power, my friends. We can daylight these bastards, and force them from their shadows. Shine the light so they can’t hide behind their lies and manipulations. Only then will we be able to resist more effectively.

Copyright © 2014, all rights reserved by Michael Straus.