Psychic Explorations

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One day, while living in Bali in 2012, I started getting very quick visual ‘flashes’ – clear specific images (usually photographic, and lasting only for a second) – in my mind’s eye. The weird thing was, they weren’t memories. Eventually I was able to confirm that two of these were of actual events that had just taken place in California – events that I couldn’t possibly have known about. Bewildered but curious, I began seeking answers – interviewing physicists, questioning mystics and delving into arcane meditation practices. Subsequently, the experiences have become more frequent, accurate and verifiable. Below are a few examples, primarily using “Remote Viewing” – a previously Top Secret psychic spying technique developed by the U.S. Army with physicists at Stanford / SRI (read more). Watch this page for updates, interviews, research and analysis, and contact me if you’d like to join the exploration and/or share your own experiences.

Remote Viewing (“Greatest ‘Hits”)

Here are some of my most accurate and interesting results, with ‘targets’ from a variety of sources. To understand their potential significance, take a moment to explore the variety of sample ‘targets’ (here and here).

Remote Viewing (“Interesting Hits”)


This is what I call it when I suddenly get an image (usually photographic, occasionally a short video) in my mind’s eye that isn’t a memory. As soon as I notice it, I write down (or voice record) as much detail as possible, about the image itself, any emotional impact / feeling, and circumstances (e.g. date, time, lunar phase, etc.). The ‘flashes’ have many different ‘flavors’ and the quality and relevance of the information has been shifting, becoming more ‘predictive’ of future events.

In 2012, I asked a Balinese shaman about these ‘flashes’ and he said that, in his experience, the events would start off being relatively meaningless and unimportant but that, slowly and over time, their significance would increase. These three events below are interesting insomuch as they represent rare occurrences (i.e. we don’t get a lot of police action out here in Marshall), and they had some emotional impact. They also all happened within a few weeks of each other.

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