Rock (August 2014)

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  • Date: August 27, 2014
  • Location: Marshall, CA
  • RV - stone - instructionsMethod: Steve, my RV partner in Southern California, sets up the tests. The protocols are: He will pre-select a number of possible objects (‘targets’) and write on a piece of paper a set of directions by which he will select the target object.
  • What I submitted: “Stone. Crystal. Geometric. Hexagon. Square. Long. Straight’ – plus this drawing (with my limited artistic skills)
  • RV - stoneAdditional information: After submitting the drawing, I added (by text message): “I did an experiment this time — I ‘viewed’ the target about a week before you actually sent it, with the intention “Show me the next target that Steve is going to send”, not knowing if it would be in a week or in a month. Then I ‘viewed’ it again this morning. I got basically the same thing.” Also, at some point, I jumped to describing crystals from Superman’s ‘Crystal Palace’: “Long 3D bars or legs, grouped together.”
  • Analysis: 1) my first word “stone” was accurate; 2) I viewed the target 3-4 weeks before Steve had even selected his pool of targets for this round – this was my first direct experience with something Joe McMoneagle had said (and which Steve reminded me of): “For the purposes of RV, the future has already happened;” 3) my artistic skills suck; and 4) at some point in describing the target, I quickly began describing a crystal and related attributes. 
  • Actual Target Image: RV - stone - actual target

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